Certified College Professional Program

Association of Florida Colleges

    Qualifying Standards

    These standards will be used by the CCP Selection Committee in determining your eligibility for admission into the CCP cohort. Participation is not limited and enrollment is on an on-going basis throughout the calendar year.

    You are employed as a full-time, part-time, or as adjunct faculty employee by an institution within the Florida College System or related organization for at least one year. NOTE: Internship experience and service as a volunteer leader is not applicable toward the professional experience requirement/qualifying standard.

    • If you are an active member of the AFC, you are a member in good standing and one or more of the following applies to you:
      • You participate in your AFC Chapter and/or at least one AFC commission
      • You serve on an AFC statewide committee.
      • You are an AFC chapter, region, or statewide office holder.
      • You regularly participate and volunteer to assist in your College's AFC chapter and/or commission's events and activities.
      • You regularly attend chapter and commission meetings and events.
      • You have served or are considering serving as a region, chapter or commission, or statewide AFC officer or committee chair.
    • You are committed to upholding the CCP "Standards of Professional Conduct". As an applicant and participant to the CCP program, you shall:
      • Maintain exemplary professional conduct.
      • Actively encourage the integration of AFC membership into all aspects of the college where you are employed.
      • Support the culture of the college where you are employed in an ethical manner.
      • Strive to continually advance professional knowledge to achieve higher levels of excellence in your position and in the AFC.
      • Serve all members of the public, students, and individuals associated with the college with respect.
      • Support the interests of your college and carry out your responsibilities without, using your position for undue personal gain.
      • Encourage all co-workers eligible to be a part of the AFC to participate in the activities and leadership of the college chapter, as appropriate.
      • Support service as an integral part of professionalism and actively participate in related activities.

    If your tuition payment will be supported by the institution, you are required to obtain a letter of support for your participation in the CCP program from your college president or immediate supervisor. A letter of recommendation is encouraged if a participant self-pays, but not required. Please follow established approval procedures at your institution if seeking financial support.

    Earning the CCP Designation

    These credit requirements and standards must be met by all participants to earn the CCP Designation.

    Credit Requirements: Each participant must complete 100 credit hours of work to earn the CCP designation. Credits may be earned through professional development offered by the AFC, your college, or an external provider. Only credits earned subsequent to your acceptance into the CCP will be considered.

    Credit requirements are:

    • 40 credits must be earned by attending the four core course requirements described below. These are offered as online courses and/or will be offered in person at AFC statewide events.
    • 35 credits minimum must be earned via professional development activities; activity must be specifically related to skills required to carry out day-to-day job tasks.
    • 25 credits maximum may be earned by other mechanisms described below.
    • Credits may be accumulated by the following mechanisms:
      • Two CCP credits for each job-related, college credit hour (as part of non-degree seeking program), successfully completed (up to ten credits maximum); As part of a degree seeking program, you will earn two CCP credits for each college credit-hour up to a maximum of 25 credits; or
      • One CCP credit for each hour of AFC, non-AFC or college offered, professional development (not to exceed six hours per day) and; or
      • One CCP credit for each AFC Chapter or Commission meeting/event/function participation (not including social events), up to ten credits maximum.
      • One CCP credit for serving as a Chapter or Commission committee chair.
    • Participation in the following events will receive the maximum credits listed. This is the only exception to the one credit for each hour of AFC professional development as listed above:
      • Leadership Conference - 2 credits
      • Joint Commission Conference - 2 Credits
      • Membership Development Conference - 2 Credits
      • Annual Conference - 6 credits
    • Each participant shall complete the four (4) core content areas listed below and receive 10 CCP credits for each completed course. These modules will be delivered online or via the following statewide AFC sponsored events: Leadership Conference, Joint Commissions Conference, Membership Conference, and Annual Convention.
        • Leadership Skills
        • Practical Application of Leadership Skills
        • Ethics
        • Effective Communication – Interpersonal Skills
        • Self-Awareness
        • General knowledge of the legislative process and how it impacts colleges within the Florida College System
        • Keys to advocacy
        • The Florida College System legislative budget process
        • The history of the system
        • The state and the local budget process
        • Local governance  - the District Board of Trustees
        • The role of a community college employee in their college community
        • Internal and external customers
    • Professional development offered by providers outside your college or the AFC is acceptable toward the CCP credit requirement as long as it meets the following criteria:
      • Conferences, workshops, seminars, or classes (including face-to-face, audio/videoconference, and online delivery) that relate to and enhance your work at the college or your participation in the AFC. Such programs may be offered by or other professional societies or associations to which you may belong.
      • All courses, including on-line, must be facilitated by an instructor.
      • Self-study courses must be accredited by a viable state or national entity to qualify for credit.
      • General software training courses are NOT acceptable.
      • College or university courses taken for a degree at an accredited postsecondary institution qualify for two (2) CCP credits per earned college credit hour. (Not more than 25% of all CCP credits may be earned via postsecondary education classes.)


    Each participant shall be required to deliver a one-hour presentation on a topic of his/her choice that is viable for CCP credit for others.  This may be done at the AFC state, region, chapter or commission level, or as part of a college-based professional development program.